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:bulletpink: Members can submit 2 deviation per week. They need 1 vote from the admin team to be accepted in the group.

:bulletpurple: All memberships are auto approved.

:bulletpink: You must be a member to submit to the galleries.

:bulletpurple: The deviation MUST be animal-related. This means the main focus of your submission has to be the animal.

:bulletpink: We accept ALL mediums.

:bulletpurple: We do not accept Fantasy characters; your submission must reflect actual animals.
For a more explicit explanation of what will and will not be accepted, read the addition to the Submission Rules.
All deviations will be reviewed individually. If you wish to know why your submissions was declined and a different piece has been accepted, please feel free to ask in a note or a comment in the deviation submission process.

:bulletpink: We are an animal loving group and therefore do NOT accept dead or sickly portayed animals.
This also includes any kind of art that has a negative or controversial message or impact on animals. Poaching, taxidermy, exploiting and exotic pets will NOT be accepted.


Please submit your deviation to the correct folder. If it’s not, it will be declined and we will ask you to resubmit to the correct folder.

:bulletyellow: Featured: This folder is reserved solely for the best of the best submissions according to the admin team. The admins can choose to move your deviation from the regular folder to Featured.

:bulletblue: Artisan Crafts and Sculptures: Everything animal related that you’ve made that would fit in this category will go here.
Every deviation will be reviewed individually - we are less strict in the character department with the submissions to this folder.

:bulletyellow: Photography: your submission has to be IN FOCUS. Unfocused, blurry or grainy photos will not be accepted.
There are 3 Photography folders; Domesticated, Zoo and Nature.
Any kind of domesticated animal would go to Domesticated Animals - Photography and has to comply with the rules.
A photo taken in a zoo of a zoo animal would go to Zoo - Photography and has to comply with the rules.
When you take a Photo of an animal in the wild, it would go to Nature - Photography and has to comply with the rules.
Make sure that in your description or title it is made clear whether the animal in your photo is wild, a zoo animal or a pet. If this is not clear, one of the admins will probably ask just to be sure as clarification.

:bulletblue: Drawings, Paintings and Digital Media: Both Traditional and Digital Art would go here. There’s a quality standard for scanned-in art.
Every deviation will be reviewed individually.

:bulletyellow: Miscellaneous and Awareness: From now on this folder will be CLOSED. Your deviation to raise awareness will have to be submitted to any of the regular folders.

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